Your eye examination at Eyes on Brassall regularly includes a check of your vision and determination of the prescription required for your glasses or contact lenses. We also check the health of your eyes for problems such as cataracts or retinal problems, and check your eye pressure for glaucoma. Sometimes retinal photography or a visual field examination (peripheral vision test) may be also required. We also have an OCT (Optical Coherence Tomographer) which is an instrument that scans the back of the eye, and is excellent at checking and monitoring both the Macula and Optic Nerve. This equipment uses infrared light waves to give three-dimensional (3-D) pictures of structures inside tissues and organs. This test is especially important if there is concern over, or family history of Macula Degeneration or Glaucoma. Most of our services are bulk billed to Medicare, though there is small charge for OCT.